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Um No: Ashanti



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    In case you didn't know, today marks the 70th anniversary of "The Wizard of Oz." Songstress Ashanti -- who played Dorothy in the Off-Broadway remake of "The Wiz," celebrated the occasion at the Empire State Building by wearing a pink meringue of a dress mid-afternoon in late September.

    To be fair, Ashanti is a lovely girl with a fantastic voice, and the hairdo does have a rather interesting '50s-Amy-Winehouse vibe to it. But honey, there is no place for a skintight, strapless, feather-lined cocktail dress in the glaring light of day -- let alone when here in New York we're pretty much settling into fall. Maybe (maybe!) the MTV VMAs might have been a more appropriate venue for such a dress. The color certainly is eye-catching (if perhaps also blinding), and we applaud Ms. Ashanti's of keeping her choice of accessories relatively pared down.

    Next time, however, we'd vote for a slightly less Easter Egg-like dress -- perhaps something in ruby for Dorothy's slippers? 

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