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Um, No: Agyness Deyn



    Um, No: Agyness Deyn
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    The fashion week carnival moved to London this week, where the Burberry show drew U.K. stars (Victoria Beckham and Emma Watson) and New Yorkers (Mary-Kate Olsen) alike -- all dressed to the nines. And then there was NYC resident Agyness Deyn, dressed like a street walker on prom night.

    First of all, let's address the hair: Ms. Deyn dyed it before New York Fashion Week (we know because we saw her out on Fashion's Night Out and did a neck cramp-inducing double-take). It's not that we don't like it -- truth be told, she could probably rock anything -- but the fact is, a shock of black hair lends a certain goth vibe to your look no matter what you put on. So if you decide to wear sheer black thigh-highs, it's going to create a very strange overall vibe, especially when paired with a very girlish powder blue minidress that even has a bubble hem.

    The sporty gray jacket she's wearing is actually quite chic, and the combination of the thigh-highs and the boyish lace-ups alone is actually rather sassy and original ... but the whole package just looks a little too Taylor Momsen for our tastes.