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Tuleh: Spring 2010



    Tuleh attempts to tell a slightly different story with its Spring 2010 collection, keeping the pretty and adding a little bit of offbeat danger, according to designer Bryan Bradley.  Lots of pink, lots of dramatic bridal (yes, we said bridal, and yes, we said lots of bridal) and buoyant music (Here Comes the Sun, a symphonic version of Poker Face) make for an engaging narrative at the tents. 

    A label long revered by the uptown socialite set for its luxe-lady appeal, Tuleh kept the glam factor translatable to the benefit set, but added a pinch of something a little darker especially, and surprisingly, with bridal gowns.  Not for the faint-of-heart bride, Bradley played with 30s bathing caps piled with flowers and teensy tiaras atop drop-pocket skirts and bustier tops and statement-necklace bodices paired with pants.  "The clothes are a little more attenuated, they're more volatile.  The girls look feminine and sexy, but also a little bit dangerous - in a good way," explained Bradley. 

    In other news, the overall feminine collection was highlighted by vaguely Elizabethan sleeves, a smattering of polka dots, cheery pink and two statement coats in teal and orange, and on one triumphant LBD, a little sprinkle of feather trim.  Perhaps appropriately, Tuleh clothing fits the woman who's all grown up but wants still to engage in the fantasy of dress-up - and there's nothing wrong with that when the costumes are this gorgeous. 

    In fact, Bradley invoked a sort of storybook inspiration for the collection.  "This wasn't meant to be a 'What I Did On My Summer Vacation" show, but really, fashion as a collection of short stories instead of one long narrative.  It's meant to be non-traditional.  The world is in such a state of the unknown, so I wanted to show change.  The clothes are happy -- they are happy -- but also, I suppose, ready for anything."