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Bergdorf Goodman Has Bed Bug-Detecting Beagles



    As a preventative measure in reponse to last month's bed bug infestations at Hollister,Abercrombie & Fitch, and Victoria's Secret, Bergdorf Goodman has brought in a team of bed bug-sniffing beagles to periodically roam the premises.

    Ginger Reeder, a corporate spokesperson told WWD that although no cases of the pests have been reported at either of the high-end department store's two Fifth Avenue locations, the company feels it can't be too careful. "It's something our customers care about," she says.

    Much like theft-preventing plainclothes security guards, the beagles do a multi-floor sweep on a regular basis. A month ago, we might have deemed these measures to be overkill, but given the gross-out inducing infestations (emphasis on the plural) of late, the phrase "better to be safe than sorry" couldn't be more apropos. And besides, beagles are far more adorable than security guards.