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The Selby Shoots Nike 6.0



    Photographer Todd Selby, who has made a name shooting some of New York's most creative characters, recently wrapped a thrilling, intercontinental shoot for Nike 6.0, the brand's new action sports offshoot.  From Tahiti to right back here in Brooklyn, Selby does what he does best, and sports' craziest trailblazers shine.

    Known best for his sleepily captivating glimpses into the spaces of creatives, and recently parlaying that into a series of new collaborations, including one with Cole, Haan & Rood.  Now, with Nike 6.0, Selby has extended his empathetic, energetic lens to these equally riveting subjects, including BMX'ers from Brooklyn and Jersey, respectively, Nigel Sylvester and Garrett Reynolds, Snowboarder Mason Aguirre, wakeboarding skater Ben Horan, motocross champion James Stewart and surfer Michel Bourez. 

    We love Selby's unparalleled talent for blending style and spirit in shots that manage to bust open the high design in snatches of life.