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The Revival of Biba



    The label that outfitted the mod pixies of London in the 60s and 70s, Biba, has been bought by the department store chain House of Fraser, and will be relaunched as Biba Collection for House of Fraser for Fall 2010.

    During its original heyday the youthful brand attracted girls and shunned the old fogies who had previously dominated the retail market, attracting such young fashionistas as a twentysomething Anna Wintour, who worked at the Biba store before landing at the helm of American Vogue

    It seems a fitting time for Biba to come back, given that the label's founder, Barbara Hulanicki, described the original Biba girls as - and we're paraphrasing - protein-deprived, beautiful skinny girls with long legs, a look that's just as popular as ever in today's fashion climate.