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Times' was "Unhappy" with JCPenney Review



    Times' was "Unhappy" with JCPenney Review

    The New York Times published an Op-ed this weekend lamenting Cintra Wilson's now-infamous scathing review of Manhattan's new JC Penney store, citing Executive Editor Bill Keller's personal and professional distaste for the piece. According to Clark Hoyt, the public editor of the Times, Keller even went so far as to say he wished the review "had not been published."

    In addition to the piles of letters and comments against, among other things, the arrogance, narrow-mindedness and nastiness perceived from Wilson's negative review (riveting the blogosphere, the Thread included, since it was published), Keller spoke out against the article and recounted his mother's lifetime loyalty to the Penney's chain and clarified the paper's viewpoint toward the chain's typical consumer.

    WIlson countered by admitting she'd underestimated her reach, thinking her column, at best, was read by a handful of women in Connecticut and Manhattan's urban gay males (and, we'll admit, we would have assumed the same).  The only problem being, of course, that writing under the umbrella of "all the news that's fit to print" goes well beyond that -- a fact that Wilson is now undoubtedly aware.