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The Lake & Stars: Spring 2010



    In characteristically artful fashion, The Lake & Stars unrolls the Spring 2010 collection of lingerie and swimwear on a hot, mysterious romp through enchanted forest fantasies.

    Designers Nikki Dekker and Maayan Zilberman sought inspiration for the latest collection from sex-charged heroines of the 1970s cinema, employing boldly opaque colors against geometric lines on ephemeral sheers.  Spring 2010 brings yet another collection of lingerie that avoids the trap of the saturated market of tacky trash underthings with high design that injects every piece with truly sultry style.

    Husband-and-wife photographers Tom Hines and Michelle Luekingproduced a shoot for the campaign that brings to life the sensual mystery and movement of the collection in a deeply intriguing narrative that, like the pieces themselves, transcend the typical showcase.

    The line's opacity helps ease these undies into the open, something we imagine will come into high demand once spring fashion's no-pants rule hits the streets.  In all seriousness, the lingerie, along with the swimwear, is both beauty and brains.