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The Feather Report: There's an Outfit for That!



    When we stumbled upon the genius Feather Report blog (that's fashion + weather), we were struck by the genius of chic outfit compilations based on the daily NYC weather forecast.  And now, there's a new iPhone app that picks clothes based on GPS location, weather, style and occasion.

    File under: um, OMG no WAY.  Yes way.  Should rain and a chill be expected, Feather offers up a classic trench, wellies and the jewels to match.  She's got you covered for anything that may come up, from errands in the mist to a scorching hot date night.

    And now, there's an app for that - with the Feather Report app, one enters their GPS location and gets customized outfit advice following the same disclaimer that's posted on the website:

    "Feather report is not responsible for the weatherman's inaccuracies. But she will make sure you look cute. Even if you are slightly cold. Or unexpectedly rained upon."

    Practical and inspirational. We like!