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Temperley London: Spring 2010



    Transcending the common flapper theme, Temperley London creates a roaring Spring 2010 collection, inspired by the darkly theatrical circus performers of the 1920s and 30s.  We chatted up Alice Temperley at the party and no matter what, she wants to have fun.  

    Temperley London has ferociously won the hearts of many of fashion's elite for its consistently magical and artistic Ready-to-Wear collections - there's something fantastical, but rooted in the modern pace of life that distinguishes the London label - and Spring 2010 rolls out yet another parade of cheerfully ornate dresses and separates.

    What was your inspiration for the line?

    It was basically the circus of the 20s and 30s - this is a traveling circus, we'll take them to London after this and then to Paris.  But it's focused on those times, but brought into the current, so it's about technology too.  We worked very hard on accessories this season, and different prints, like the harlequin print and the circus big top stripes.  There's reference to when they discovered King Tut's tomb, so there's lots of Egyptian-inspired patterns, as well as the laces, and we've gone back into the sheers.  It's a very tight message this season, because right now, it's about being clever, taking things from all over the world.  So this collection is about what's right to do right now.  After all, consumers are very aware of what you're doing because of the way things are.

    It's still very positive, though.

    Oh, yes, I wanted to enjoy it, and I want everyone to enjoy it.

    You recently launched bridal.  How is that going?

    It's excellent.  It's done really well, so it's got its own line now.  You don't just order from the main collection in cream, it's a stand-alone.  All these fancy pieces, it's just brilliant.  So now we've got the main line, and bridal, and we're launching diffusion, which will hit the stores in January. 

    Nice!  So, how often do you make it to New York from London?

    Well, I've just had a child, he's one now.  I travel here every couple of months. 

    Do you have a favorite spot in the city?

    I equally like East Village, West Village, Meatpacking - downtown, mostly. 

    Any young designers you've got your eye on?

    I love Charlotte Olympia for shoes and Lara Bohinc for jewelry - they're both in London.

    Now that you've been in the game for quite some time, do you still get nervous?



    Well, I did a bit yesterday when the mannequins weren't going up on time, but for the most part, when I really love a project, that's what it is!  Can't really worry about it.  

    We love it too, thanks so much.