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loyale x Gemma Redux Necklaces for Spring



    New York-based designer Jenny Hwa is the talent behind loyale, a clothing line as environmentally conscious as it is chic, and with a new spring collaboration with Gemma Redux, that sustainability spreads just as beautifully to jewelry.

    Together, loyale and Gemma Redux present a pair of necklaces handcrafted from reclaimed gold chain and vintage chandalier crystals, respectively named for environmental activist actresses Emily Deschanel and Natalie Portman.  The Natalie is a statement piece of twisted reclaimed gold chains and a trio of deep olive green teardrop crystals made from vintage chandeliers. The Emily places a jumbo clear chandelier crystal at the end of a tangle of reclaimed gold chains for an equally impactful look.

    Another season in which loyale proves that there need be no fashion sacrifices in the name of the environment -- with talent like Hwa's, chic really is sustainable.