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Fall 2014

bebe/Kardashians: Club Clothes for Day, J-Woww and Kim



    The bebe/Kardashian Fall Collection

    Kim Kardashian attends the bebe Kardashian Fall Collection at Stage 37 in New York City. (Published Tuesday, Feb. 16, 2010)

    The snow came down hard this morning as the Threaders slushed their way in wellies to the bebe/Kardashians collection runway show, hosted by Style360.  Once in, we weaved through girls in club clothes strutting around in bare legs and stilettos, all following their queen, J-Woww of "Jersey Shore."  Oh, and Kim was there, too. 

    Call us grannies, but we spent the minutes before the show re-focusing our eyes from the flurry of flashbulbs following J-Woww and Kim, checking out the volumizing spray and perfume samples in our bebe gift bag and wondering how on earth these girls - who, it was clear, had never attended a fashion show before, how fun for us - managed to get there in the snow, wearing little more than the tiniest, tightest black dresses we've ever seen and nothing on their legs.  We were drawing pitying glances from said girls, no doubt due to our dowdy-by-comparison overcoat and wellies, but at least we were warm. Please note, this was not an after-hours affair - it all went down as part of Style360's regular fashion week line-up at 10am on a Tuesday morning.

    On to the collection . . . See above.  The outfits on the runway closely resembled those on said girls, with variations of black leather corsets, booty shorts and tiny spandex micro-dresses.  To give you an idea of how very short these dresses actually were, a model (yes, a model!) on the runway actually snuck a little pull so that her bum wouldn't pop out the bottom.  A valiant attempt at subtlety, except for the fact that she was on a runway.

    So, that's that - the Kardashians have successfully stamped their brand on bebe, which has pretty much been turning out these same clothes for years.