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Zac Posen for Target: Dresses, Swim Still Available Online



    The much-anticipated collection finally launched on Sunday, but surprisingly, there are still more than a few items available online for those that missed the initial rush.

    We checked in online this morning and found several dresses still available that had quickly sold out at the 24-hour pop-up launch, namely the Sailor Dress in pink and the incredibly-popular tie-dye mini tank dress for $24.99. The gown, of course, is completely sold out, as is the tiger-print cocktail dress and, a surprise hit, the snap dress.

    Of course, the red leather motorcyle jacket is still in stock -- at $199, it's the most expensive piece in the collection, and it seems doubtful that the majority of shoppers would want a leather jacket in, well, red -- but one of the designer's favorite items, the gold one-piece swimsuit, is also still available for the bravest of sunbathers.

    We'd imagine by lunchtime one or more of these pieces will no longer be available, but frankly we were surprised that there were still decent finds to be had, considering how hyped this particular launch was.