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We're Loving: Strummer Spring 2011



    Outfits that require little more than a beach, a bottle of ale, and possibly some kind of ukulele is what you can expect from Aussie-based label, Strummer. Founded by BFF team Gina Cole and Edwina Hagon, the brand encapsulates carefree boho style without crossing into hippie-dippy territory.

    Strummer's sunny summer collection is composed primarily of ruffle day dresses, slouchy tunic tops and perfectly pleated hot pants, all styled with giant floppy fedoras (awesomely evocative of Crocodile Dandy). If we had a limitless budget, we would snag two or three of their immaculate crochet sundresses and live out our days on a beach in Sydney, sipping Mimosas and throwing a large number of shrimps on the proverbial "barby."

    For the most part, the collection focuses on classic summer staples like cropped chino pants and easy cotton tops, but a few trendier pieces, like a pair of metallic silver shorts or a bow-back striped top, keep the collection hip and relevant. To peep the whole collection, check out the website at www.strummer.com.au or check it out in person at Damsel in Distress, the chic Mulberry Street boutique (and Strummer's sole USA stockist).