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We're Loving: Rag & Bone Lace-Ups



    Leaving Rag & Bone without a shopping bag has never been an easy task, especially now that their heavy oak display tables are crowded with tantalizing footwear and accessories. Like grabbing a snickers bar at the grocery checkout, we find ourselves indulging in the effortlessly cool knit caps, gloves, and even throw blankets in lieu of an (ahem) thousand-dollar leather jacket.

    A pair of shoes may not be so easy to grab-n-go, but the sheer versatility of these (we'll admit, rather pricey) leather combat boots make them easy to justify.  The grommets! The soft, supple Italian leather! The welted seams! And our all-time favorite shoe feature: a simple stacked heel (always more comfortable if you plan to wear them for a long time). We're going to stomp all over Manhattan with these babies strapped around our ankles.  The dream outfit? A pair of charcoal trousers from Phillip Lim, a white Kain T-shirt, and a cardigan borrowed from the boyfriend.

    Find the lace-up combat boots at Rag & Bone's Soho Location at 119 Mercer, or order online at Shopbop and Saks.