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We're Loving: Rackk and Ruin



    In a sea of DIY wanna-bes, Rackk and Ruin has perfected the art of hip, old-timey adornments and "upcycled" baubles. Vermonter Molly Conant's lust for feathers, heavy chains and horsehair synthesizes to create an Indian-Reservation-meets-Studio 54 aesthetic that we're strangely--hopelessly--in love with.

    Happily, the brand's already affordable range of necklaces and broaches (prices are generally under $100) just became even easier on the wallet: starting today and lasting through January 1st, shoppers at Rackk and Ruin's etsy shop will receive 10% off their entire order when they order two pieces or more: sounds like an economical way to buy your BFF a horsehair broach and sneak in a metal tooth bracelet for yourself.  Look for Conant's latest obsessions in the form of vintage nail files, crucifixes, mini dream catchers and quartz vials.

    Today through January first at Rackk and Ruin's online boutique.