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Pamela Love's Crazy Pentagram Bracelets



    We had already perused Pamela Love's Spring 2011 lookbook, so we were surprised to see models sporting never-before-seen enormous pentagram bracelets at her Fashion Week presentation.

    Love has always been fascinated with gothy underworld references, but this is definitely the most balatant (if not simply the biggest) of her pseudo-satantic pieces. Beyond the social stigma, we imagine they're pretty tough to wear: you definitely couldn't rest your arm comfortably at your side rocking one of these babies.

    The rest of the collection consists of more pedestrian-friendly pieces like wing-shaped knuckledusters, black teardrop chokers and coiled-rope earrings, but the pentagrams didn't make it into the lookbook. A small raven claw ring with shiny silver talons is definitely on our Spring wishlist.

    It's too bad this bit of freaky fashion regalia won't be available in time for Halloween, but maybe we'll have honed our hocus pocus in time for the collection to hit shelves next season. Check out the lookbook at