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We're Loving: Loeffler Randall Rain Boots



    It's difficult to express how truly rare it is to find a stylish pair of rain boots that isn't either too cutesy (embellished with bows or little cartoon characters or trimmed with pink) or a bit too outdoorsy (rough and weathered in a way that can be fun to pair with a floaty dress, but isn't exactly considered chic).

    As such, we were thrilled when we heard Loeffler Randall -- creator of so many timeless, perfectly chic boots in the past -- had decided to take a stab at weatherproof wear. The results, of course, are stunning: Two simples styles for all your rainy-day needs, including a short lace-up bootie in black or army green ($165), and a near-perfect replica of the brand's iconic back-zipper flat boot in black, army green, and black ($195).

    Boots like these might actually make us look forward to rainy days.

    Loeffler Randall's rain boots are available online at loefflerrdandall.com.