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We're Loving: Kim Ovitz x Made Her Think



    Last September, indie-fave Kimberly Ovitz presented a knockout collection of romantic, faintly equestrian pieces in ivory and black ... that promptly sold out everywhere we knew to look.  Though we pined over a long silk blouse (with tails!) for weeks, we were curious about the funky adornments we'd spotted on the models. Nearly six months later, we hear that the woman responsible was Meredith Kahn of Made Her Think jewelry -- inventor of the inimitable "knuckle buster" ring, and our designer obsession du jour. 

    As we suspected, the fruits of Ovitz and Kahn's collaborative labor appear to have sold out, but we're happy to report that the piece de resistance, a double band chain ring in oxidized silver, has been re-released, and is available on Kahn's website in all its Mad Max-ian splendor. It may not be very convenient for typing, eating, or um, for much at all, but as blogger Kristin Valerie of Bleach Black points out, "dexterity is kinda overrated."