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We're Loving: Be Inthavong's Eponymous Handbag Line



    Last year, Be Inthavong left business partner Steve Dumain and joint label, Be & D, to reconnect with his Laotian design roots. The results of his pilgrimage are nothing short of astounding: a line of simply shaped handbags crafted from thin strips of leather woven together to make a new kind of silk—a single inch of which takes an entire day to weave.

    With this collection, dubbed "Heritage Weave," Inthavong aims to "put Laos on the map" as a purveyor of luxury products, and has priced the line to sell like hotcakes (prices range from $595 to $3295, which isn't that steep, considering the man-power going into each piece). We're eager to see the structured square satchel with bright orange leather piping, which would be a fabulous way to participate in orange-mania next season.

    The debut collection will consist of 40 pieces and nine core styles, and with its super luxe materials and simplistic design, has the makings to become something of a cult classic. Until Inthavong expands his production abilities, however, we'll have to wait with bated breath for the full shopping scoop. According to WWD, the designer expects the line to be carried in 10 to 20 speciality boutiques. We hope that includes a few in our neck of the woods.