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We're (Kind of) Loving: Kell on Earth



    Successful reality television isn't necessarily intellectually enriching or even pleasant, it's riveting to the deep, dark recesses of our brains.  That's why Kell on Earth is a hit in our house.

    Kelly Cutrone has our respect.  There are certainly some bonkers instances wherein some malnourished junior-level associate is getting treated pretty harshly (which happens, we understand), but we're assuming the savvy lady is playing to the television cameras -- at least a little bit. The layout of the office is a tragic one for an overwhelmed green PR kid, with the partners, staff and interns all convening on a central block of desks, over which exasperation peppered with bleeps is constantly being thrown around. 

    Otherwise, Cutrone is great for sound-bite zingers to misbehaving backstage press, unreasonable clients and of course, the weaker of her minions.  Her interaction with her daughter seems real, which we like -- when the seven-year-old whines a little about sitting third row at a fashion show, her mama quickly tells her to get a grip.  Most of the time, however, she's behaving and being cute and Cutrone is flipping her PR persona like a champ to be an easygoing earth mother. 

    As of this week, the peeps at People's Revolution have endured the logistical nightmare of Chado Ralph Rucci's spring show and sleeper hit AE Skinner got indistinguishable highlights (in the middle of the day, by a co-worker who used to work at Cutler and can apparently still just do hair there when he wants ... ) and last and probably least, a model collapsed at a presentation, Cutrone vetoed emergency lights interfering with the door, and the dude ended up being fine. 

    Who knows how the season will turn out, but for now, we're tuned in on what we think reminds us of the Office, if it were produced by a collaboration of our mother, a sorority, and a bunch of hard-core native New Yorkers.