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Wal-Mart Eyes Brooklyn, Brooklynites Get Ready to Fight



    The polarizing big-box behemoth Wal-mart has decided to revisit the opening of a New York-area store, scouting out space in the Gateway II Shopping Center by Jamaica Bay.

    Past struggles with the City over putting stores in Staten Island and Queens caused Wal-mart to give up on NYC as "not worth the effort" but of course, the chain is circling back to consider a location in Brooklyn.  Since the developers of Gateway II already got approval from the City Council on the 630,000-square-foot retail center, Wal-mart could supposedly set up shop without having to go through further review.  However, local activists and Council members are gearing up to oppose the store's opening on the grounds Wal-mart exploits workers and would pose environmentally harmful levels of traffic once established. 

    This is a tough one - you've got an unseemingly unstoppable bargain giant wanting in, but we'd never underestimate the tenacity of impassioned Brooklynites.  Until we see signage, we're declaring a draw.