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Victoria's Secret Angel Wings To Land on The Streets Next Week



    A set of nine "vintage" wings worn  by the likes of Heidi Klum, Miranda Kerr and Adriana Lima during the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show will be on display near the chain's Soho store starting next Friday, November 19 through November 30.

    During the street installation, passers-by can get their picture snapped alongside the plexiglass-encased angel accessories for inclusion in the brand's Facebook album, Wings! NYC. Once an individual emails or texts their photo (and it gets approved), it gets uploaded to the VS Facebook page—which boasts 9.2 million fans—where people can tag themselves and share with their friends.

    What's become known as the "Super Bowl" of fashion shows, the VS runway event took place this past Wednesday evening, and will be aired November 30 on CBS—and this street installation is just a small part of the bedazzled, candy-colored promotional build-up to the television premiere.

    Our greedy little hearts immediately thought it would be cooler to actually

    try on

    the wings, but considering their weight—

    Chanel Iman told us before the show

    her wings weighed a whopping 35 pounds—maybe it's for the best.