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Tracy Feith Makes Fashion Comeback Designing for Toms Shoes



    Tracy Feith went from a successful fashion career -- including a Target collaboration and a fan base that included Michelle Obama -- to virtually disappearing from the scene back in 2010, when his new collections didn't arrive in stores and his business appeared to shutter overnight.

    Now, WWD reports he's making a comeback of a new kind in signing up to design for Toms Shoes. According to the report, Feith will concentrate on Toms+, a new label with higher price points and, ostensibly, more high-brow design elements. (The one-for-one business plan that other Toms footwear follows will remain the same.)

    Elle had previously reported that Feith was planning to design a capsule collection for a new Nolita store called Warm, so perhaps all of this adds up to a more concrete resurgence for the designer. Considering the prowess the surfer-turned-designer previously showed for optimistic, wearable clothing, we certainly hope so.