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Tom Binns Launches Handbags



    Tom Binns is taking his bad boy aesthetic from ornately punk jewelry to handbags for the spring season.

    The designer has become revered among the fashion set for his ornate statement necklaces, and it sounds like his new bags will take a similar bent: Binn has created four leather handbags in varied teardrop shapes, studded with chrome spikes.  The line, which will be priced between $650-$1,850, is just the latest venture for the busy bee -- Binns is also in the midst of a jewelry collaboration with Puma and a line of T-shirts with designer John Eshaya. We cannot wait to see the pictures and -- better yet -- sample the real thing. 

    Tom Binns' brick-and-mortar boutique is located at 41 Perry Street in the west village.