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Tinselgate 2010: Simon Doonan Fights Back



    Simon Doonan volunteered to decorate the White House this Christmas, only to draw fire from the conservative blogosphere for three little balls. Now, the Barneys creative director fights back, calling all the hoopla "extremely unfestive."

    Andrew Breitbart lambasted Doonan's "controversial" decorations, pointing out that Doonan had adorned the Blue Room tree with an Andy WarholChairman Mao, Obama's head on Mount Rushmore and a snapshot of the famous tranny, Hedda Lettuce.  As Doonan wrote in a New York Observer editorial today, these three ornaments were three of 800, and were designed by children and charities around the country, but that did not stop the media (and legions of "Web devotees") from blowing it into Tinselgate.

    In the editorial, Doonan describes the extent of the chaos -- from "death threats involving baseball hats and my head" to Gawker's calling him a "noted gay male," while criticizing the current state of an over-zealous media for fanning the flames. As a part of that system, we certainly are part of the problem, though in our defense, we rather liked the decorations -- and Mr. Doonan!