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Tina Fey Lands March Vogue



    In a turn that's already giving us hope for the glossies in 2010, comedienne Tina Fey will grace the cover of March Vogue

    30 Rock's charming and goofy heroine is showing up the magazine's usual over-the-top sexy stars, giving herself some serious cover cred of her own (she's definitely one-upping her own sexpot shoot for Vanity Fair from last year).

    Fey's face will hit newsstands alongside Victoria Beckham, shot by Ellen von Unwerth for Glamour (of all magazines) and Kate Moss on Harper's BazaarElle picked a Brit too, casting Keira Knightley as cover girl.

    Undoubtedly, the all-star cast of the upcoming film, Valentine's Day will take the airwaves by storm with media blitzes galore, and among the lineup of starlets, Anne Hathaway will head up InStyle, while Marie Claire will feature Jennifer Garner and Jessica Biel (who play that oh-so-believably dateless-on-Valentine's Day duo in the movie).

    Vogue cover seems just the thing that Liz Lemon would mortify herself into, then out of, on 30 Rock, so we're keeping an eye out for references.