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Fall 2014

Tibi: a Slightly More Structured Femininity



    The Tibi fall 2010 collection presented a bit of a surprise from the designer, a typically reliable source of summer-house prints and wearable, partygirl pretty.  The pretty and prints remain, but with a smidge of pared-down and, dare we say, edge, blended in.

    Besides the perennial cheerful patterns that span all seasons, which this time included deep watercolors on black, rich Japanese-style blossoms, a muted cornflower floral and a vibrant tie-dyed orange and black, we were most impressed by the details in texture and silhouette.  Hot for fall are leather-fur-wool hybrids, and Tibi showed a smartly tailored military-inspired jacket and a cropped fur tee and belted mink chubby that followed suit.  Pleated leather shorts and slim pants tied up with a bow flourish were charming and trend-forward, while the glitter factor rocked it in some serious disco chic style.

    Once again, plenty of items to make a splash at any soiree - shown in a Promenade lit in soft pink, by the way - plus some refreshing design elements for a sophisticated edge.