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Fall 2014

Not Jaded: Cabbie Edition



    While some folks may be used to the glitz and glamour of fashion week, our favorite moments remain those where we remember what a weird, weird event Fashion Week actually is.

    The pleasantly non-jaded encounter of the day: Giancarlo, the cabbie.

    The morning's assignment: get images, video and notes on United Bamboo at 11am, and then hustle up to a 12pm Ohne Titel show.  And as any jaded fashion-minion knows, if the schedule says "11am" for show starts, it really means, "anywhere between 11:30-11:45am" and and so on.

    We dash out of United Bamboo to grab a cab -- but there's traffic. Fortunately, our cabbie's an absolute gem, and gives us the pleasure of spending the minutes in traffic chatting, instead of stressing, and we learn about the city-born native.  He knows New York, and knows the ins and outs of fashion week -- it's ripe for cargo, so to speak.  We give him intel on Milk and some of the other new-ish FW hot spots, and he's thrilled. 

    We hop out in a hurry and take with us his parting words -- good luck, you should be very proud you do such an exciting job.  And say hello to Tiki Barber!! (Sigh, despite the fact that we work at NBC, we're not exactly pals with Tiki.)