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The Sundance Channel Digs up the Dirt on Denim



    In a series of Internet mini-documentaries, the Sundance Channel delves into the apparently dark underbelly of the Los Angeles denim industry. 

    Directed by Douglas Keeve, the man behind the classic 1995 Isaac Mizrahi documentary, Unzipped, Sundance's Dirty Denim series follows a series of industry insiders and learns that the denim business isn't as laid-back as its final product.  Competing companies threaten and backstab their various dye houses and theft of other's ideas and techniques runs rampant.

    Frankly, this kind of gritty retail journalism is welcome, and we find ourselves happier and happier that the $300 denim bubble started to deflate in the face of the recession, so hopefully that will pave the way for a slightly more warn-and-fuzzy industry.