The Kardashians will Show Bebe Line at Fashion Week - NBC New York

Fall 2014

The Kardashians will Show Bebe Line at Fashion Week



    All the K's -- Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian -- have teamed up on a collection for Bebe and now, it looks like the line will debut with an official slot on the Fashion Week Calendar

    Granted, the collaboration itself is leaps and bounds more appropriate than, say, Lindsay Lohan for Ungaro (that still sounds like an Onion headline), but frankly, having more and more celebrity clothing taking over the tents is just ... well ... disappointing. 

    It's sad that while brilliant designers are prohibitively poor and subsequently forever unknown, "celebrity" designers collaborating with fashion brands can waltz right in and earn a runway slot. But, that's life.  And as even celebrities know, even a brand label can't always buy cred.  We'll give the Kardashians the benefit of the doubt, but we'll be pulling for our indies to earn some bank this year.