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The Barneys Warehouse Sale Starts Thursday



    We may be completely engrossed in the hustle and bustle of Fashion Week, but we still have time for an important announcement: The Barneys Warehouse Sale kicks off tomorrow, Thursday, at 8 a.m. The sale is one of the season's biggest (and, depending on how hard you look, the best), so it's worth setting a strategy in advance. Here are some secrets we've gleaned from several years of shopping the sale.

    Show Up Early

    Truly: The best finds are to be gotten by the early birds at this sale; Don't think that you'll find the Prada shoes you're lusting after if you show up at lunch on the first day. The sale doors open at 8 a.m. on Thursday, meaning that serious shoppers will be lining up by 7 a.m. at the absolute latest. 

    Shoes First, Then the Rest of the Sale

    The shoe section is separate from the rest of the sale, in more ways than one. Firstly, all shoes must be boxed and tied up before shoppers can move into the rest of the sale -- meaning there's no opportunity for you to run off with loose shoes and the intention to "think about it." Secondly, the shoe section often boasts the best selection at the sale -- and a selection that goes the fastest -- so we're doubly inclined to recommend shopping there first.

    The Men's Section is Often Better-Stocked Than the Women's, and Calmer Too

    The men's and women's sections of the sale are kept separate -- one can't carry sale items between one and the other -- but ladies, don't write off the men's section if you're feeling exhausted from shopping the women's side. The selection is often superb -- especially when it comes to sweaters (which can be relatively unisex!) and formal wear (makes a great gift!).

    Some of the Best Steals Are Co-op Brand

    While some have found fault in Barneys for not discounting their designer wares as much as they have in years past, the in-house Co-op line is often discounted the most. Keep an eye out, especially, for cashmere sweaters and dark denim.

    Save Up for the Designer Section

    Instead of snapping up dozens of lower-price item, we'd recommend picking out one or two high-end pieces that will really make an impact on your wardrobe long-term, and dropping the requisite cash. We walked away from a Marc Jacobs collection gown last year that we're still thinking about, while the four items we bought instead are hardly earth-shattering.

    Check Back Later

    The sale runs through February 16th, and items are continually discounted on a rolling basis, meaning that items that aren't necessarily wildly popular will be cheaper a week later.

    Choose Your Undergarments Carefully

    Don't expect changing rooms at the sale, which can make buying some of the more complex designer pieces -- read: that Marc Jacobs gown -- hard if you're wearing lots of layers. We'd suggest some opaque tights and something skintight. We'd say a leotard, but we'll understand if other people aren't quite as devoted to the art of sample sale shopping as we are.