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Studded English Loafers from Church Footwear



    Traditionally, someone's "church shoes" are those they keep shiny and new for Sunday morning sojourns to mass, which is why we're loving Church Footwear's cheeky take on the ritual. For Fall 2010, Church embellished their gorgeous handmade loafers and oxfords with dozens of tiny studs, giving a stylish twist to dapper classics.

    And nobody knows classic footwear like Church, which has been in the business of making shoes since 1873. In fact, it was among the first companies to offer pairs of left and right shoes while competing brands were still offering "straights," or identical pairs. How's that for innovative?

    Instead of traditional brogueing (the tiny holes along the seams of the shoes),c the new womens collection features metallic studs so subtle that you almost don't notice them at first glance. We're reminded of Louboutin's infamous studded loafers, but these are decidedly friendlier, not to mention easier to style.  We think they'd look spectacular with some slouchy men's trousers and a buttondown shirt for a bratty boarding school look.

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