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Steve Madden Does Jewelry



    Continuing its expansion into any and all moneymaking arenas, Steve Madden announced a new jewelry line debuting at Macy's and Dillard's in May. 

    Known for fast fashion-foward shoes at decent prices, Steve Madden is parlaying that solid success all over the retail spectrum.  Judging from the one promo image we've seen, the jewelry doesn't look too revolutionary, and we're hoping we'll see interesting, on-trend pieces in the future. (We'll admit we were at least happy to see the first  pieces weren't obviously ripping off any other designers, as Madden's been known to do in the past.)  What we do know is that the 50-piece intro collection will encompass fresh twists on classics like hoops and bangles, and will be reasonably priced between $20-$40. 

    The baubles come on the heels of a recently-released collection of bedding for Bed, Bath and Beyond, and next up will be Steve Madden apparel next month.