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Saks' Special Delivery to 10022-SHOE



    Saks' Special Delivery to 10022-SHOE
    Saks Fifth Avenue

    Saks has begun a new initiative called "Special Delivery to 10022-SHOE" to bring seasonal capsule collections of outstanding footwear by up-and-coming designers to its famously zip-coded shoe department.  

    The first batch consists of uniquely appointed footwear featuring media from eelskin to wood to mirrors to ribbons.  Designers Heather WIlliams, Danielle Michetti and Mulberry shoe designer Jonathan Kelsey created styles that will be exclusive to Saks, along with other selections from Diego Dolcini and Gianvito Rossi, son of Sergio. 

    The pairs all start at $495, though the majority of the shoes range in the rather expensive area of $725-$850, and will be available at the LA and New York stores. While there's no e-commerce solution for out-of-zip-code denizens as of yet, there is discussion of an online component opening up somewhere down the line.