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Update: Fragrance Company Denies Deal with Lady Gaga



    Rumors of a Gaga fragrance started circulating ever since a UK-based Marketingmagazine claimed that Lady Gaga would be ringing in the holiday season with a fragrance launch with Coty. Of course, there were lots of tongue-in-cheek guesses and speculation about the components of what was described as an "unusual" scent (natch). 

    Coty, however, has now officially denied the rumors of a fragrance launch with the mega pop star. Steve Mormoris, the senior vice president of global marketing for Coty's Beauty division, told WWD: "I know nothing of this project .... It is a totally false rumor."

    Coty has been responsible for the scents of a legion of other stars -- from Jennifer Lopez to Sarah Jessica Parker -- so it was a pretty good theory that the company might have a Gaga fragrance in the works, considering the star's immense appeal. Maybe this little rumor will give a few perfume companies some ideas.