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Rumors: Jeffery Sale is On



    Word is ultra-luxurious retailer Jeffery is in the midst of a some hefty markdowns, but don't expect to hear that from the salespeople. Madison Avenue Spy embarked on a covert mission to get the skiny, but ended up getting pretty confused by a conversation with an associate.

    somewhat ambiguous conversation between the Spy and a shopgirl revealed that the discounts would start at 30 percent off "when the sale officially began" but same shopgirl also cryptically encouraged her to head down to the store right away. (Past intel, FYI, apparently also indicates that the sale on shoes goes up to 60 percent around mid-July).

    Sounds like it's worth the trip to do a little digging on your own this weekend -- at the very least, you'll learn what's there when you get ready to go back. And, of course, if you get any good loot, tell us at! 


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