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Rumors: Fashion's Night Out: The Show May Not Happen Next Year



    Following a seemingly hit debut in September, Fashion's Night Out: The Show is rumored to be a no-go for next year's event in 2011.

    A source from within Conde Nast (Vogue's publisher, which sponsors FNO) has told Fashionista the runway show portion of the extravaganza will likely not happen next year. While we don't know the reasons behind the unconfirmed news, yet we still anticipate a blockbuster night out. 

    As they say, the third time's the charm, and 2011 will mark just that for the multi-city event. Year one was like an experiment to see if the night of shopping and shenanigans had legs, last year, a follow-up of gargantuan proporations when it went off swimmingly and, seemingly, next year's night will present the opportunity to roll out festivities with the kinks worked out, logistics perfected and new ideas unveiled.

    On the other hand, there are potential pitfalls. We saw a few jump-the-gun developments for FNO's sophomore attempt, like several confusing sub-branded initiatives piggybacking on the real deal and, ahem, velvet ropes and exclusive guest lists at our favorite stores. We don't know what the profit margins looked like for participating businesses, but hopefully the event won't need to become any more of a marketing blitz to make it worthwhile. That said, a fashion show is an extremely costly event—more so in the case of Fashion's Night Out: The Show, which featured over 1,000 looks—so perhaps things need to be scaled back this year.

    Or, perhaps, Anna Wintour and her army have nixed the show for something altogether way more mind-blowing. We'll just have to wait and see.