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Rumor: Jennifer Aniston Entering Celebrity Fragrance Game



    Another day, another celebrity fragrance -- this time rumored according to WWD to be coming from Jennifer Aniston.

    Falic Group, which signed with Eva Longoria-Parker on her fragrance a few months back, is rumored to be producing the perfume with the A-list actress on what's become the most ubiquitous cash cow in the business, it seems -- perfume. Of late, some serious A-listers have been getting a slice of the action -- from Beyonce to Sarah Jessica Parker -- and on the cosmetics industry side at large, even celebrities like Julia Roberts have been signing endorsement deals.

    If a spritz of the stuff could bestow on the wearer Aniston's abs, arms, and pitch-perfect highlights, well, that'd certainly be sweet. But take this news with a grain of salt, even though WWD is a highly reliable source: no one in the Aniston camp could be reached to confirm the deal.