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Rumor: Christian Audigier Has Shuttered its Nolita Store



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    When boards went up in the windows of the Christian Audigier store in Nolita and one blog reported it "may or may not reopen," we did some digging of our own.

    By all appearances (as pictured on NYC the Blog), the Christian Audigier really does seem to be closed -- the doors are locked and there's plywood lining the windows. Racked managed to get in touch with the store, and were informed that it "may or may not reopen", which of course led to rampant reports that the shop might indeed leave Nolita.

    However, while we couldn't get through to anyone at the Audigier store (it does, indeed, seem to be vacant), we did get on the phone with someone at the Ed Hardy store in Soho, who informed us that the Audigier store was merely under construction and would be closed for a month, maybe a month and a half for a major renovation. When we asked if it was, in fact going to open again, he gave us an incredulous "of course" and kindly invited us to check out the Christian Audigier selection at his store, any day of the week.