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Fall 2014

Rodarte: Patchworked Materials, Tattered Brides, and Tavi



    Rodarte: Patchworked Materials, Tattered Brides, and Tavi
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    Rodarte lived up to its hype as the most inventive design team working in America today with an utterly original collection of mixed materials and ethereal-looking white gowns, with Kirsten Dunst and -- of course -- the design team's favorite teen blogger, Tavi, in attendance.

    The show began in an almost ceremonial way, with lit candles on the runway. Then a collection came down the runway that could be argued as the most recession-influenced we've seen, in that all of the exquisitely-worked pieces looked like they were hand-worked from scraps of fabrics or workroom cast-offs: a floral print mixed with an aztec print mixed with heavy wool mixed with a splash of lace for sleeves. Each piece, in typical Rodarte fashion, felt like its own work of art -- all with a crafty, homespun vibe.

    While the patchwork-looking dresses were breathtaking, the highlight of the new line for fall was undoubtedly the final series of brides -- dresses made using the same incredible patchworking methods, but all in whites and creams. The effect was hauntingly ethereal -- like brides wearing exquisite found scraps that they had fashioned into one-of-a-kind gowns. We're terrified to know how much these gowns cost, but we imagine the most forward-thinking brides next season will all want one.