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"Retail Terrorists" Attack Williamsburg American Apparel



    The North 6th Street outpost of the hipster mecca that is American Apparel was apparently attacked by what folks have taken to calling a group of "retail terrorists," who allegedly broke windows and worse.

    Reports are varied and, in some cases, wildly speculative, but here's the gist (pretty much confirmed by a statement that American Apparel sent out): A group of people vandalized the Williamsburg outpost of American Apparel late Thursday night (March 4), breaking "about 20 small windows" and scuffing up some mannequins.

    Among the aforementioned wildly speculative rumors about the vandalism include: A) That the suspects in question "set off fireworks and smoke bombs" in the middle of the road in front of the store (via Gawker comments); B) That there were "about 50 guys dressed all in black, wearing masks and 'causing total mayhem' (via a Free Williamsburg tipster) ; and C) (Our personal favorite) That the group of folks beating up on the store were doing it because they'd lost American Apparel's recent contest to find the country's best bottom (via Free Williamsburg).

    Overall, it sounds like a lot of hooplah over a relatively unremarkable incident of vandalism, no doubt because folks have strong opinions about American Apparel. Of course, if you've got tips, reach out!