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Rag & Bone: Women's Fall 2010



    Rag & Bone: Women's Fall 2010

    We spent so much time at 82 Mercer (the massive Soho loft that hosted both Rag & Bone shows) that we were ready to pitch a tent by the time the women's show started.  On the other hand, that would have meant camping with Anna Wintour--who graced us with a cameo at the last minute--and we don't see that gal roasting marshmallows.

    After sustaining a few minor injuries while attempting to talk to Ms. Wintour, we sat back and enjoyed the Rag & Bone men's collection for a second time.  Oh, wait a minute, it was actually a seperate women's collection--but you could have fooled us.

    Not that it's a bad thing (and truly, we want all of it) but the women's collection so closely resembled its male counterpart, we were completely baffled as to why it needed a second showing.  The extra-long plaid shirts, Fair Isle sweaters, chunky scarves--heck, even the leather garters--all made second appearances in female form. If men's was Kurt, then women's was Courtney--only with less runny mascara and more Harris tweed. Had the twin collections been shown in a single presentation, we think attendees would have appreciated the androgyny, instead of being confused by the redundancy.