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Purse Purge: Ilana Kohn Carries Cat Toys, Cover Girl Lip Stain



    A Thread NY "One to Watch" for  2012, Ilana Kohn creates punchy ready-to-wear collections characterized by bold colors and unusual patterns. Not surprisingly, the quirky NYC designer keeps her Rennes handbag stuffed with a few irreverent keepsakes (a cat toy found in her boyfriend's shoe, for example) along with the everyday necessities (Band-Aids are handy for late-night scissor accidents—which, sadly, Kohn is very familiar with).

    1. Band-Aids – "I need a bunch of these today because I cut myself pretty badly making patterns last night. I hope the factory's not too squeamish cause there's definitely blood on one of the patterns."

    2. Keys – "Ironically, the 'I Heart NY' key is to my parents house in Virginia. I really do need a new keychain, though."

    3. Baggu tote – "I always always keep at least one of these with me."

    4. Cat Toy – "The boyfriend found this in his shoe once and I decided to carry it around with me since it reminds me of my beloved fur baby."

    5. Daily Essentials – "My Comme des Garçons change purse, trusty Ray Bans, brush and mirror, [lip balm], lip stain (Cover Girl, the best), business cards, notebook and pen."

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