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Purse Purge: Susan of Dirty Librarian Chains Carries Back-Up Jewelry



    Local jewelry designer Susan Domelsmith of Dirty Librarian Chains is known for her unusual eco-friendly gems and statement-making baubles. This week, the designer hit the road with NYC band, Time Reveals, gathering funky inspiration materials and a few choice souvenirs ("Bubba" teeth, anyone?) along the way.

    1. Postcard: "A pretty postcard I picked up on the beach in North Carolina and meant to send to my friends from there. It's okay to send a vacation postcard from Jersey to Brooklyn, right?"
    2. Midnight in the Caverns CD: "We visited Luray Caverns in Virginia and they have an organ that is connected to the cave. Every note is played by a small hammer hitting the various stalagmites that have the corresponding frequency when the different keys are pressed. I wanted to play that organ so badly, but I’ll settle for the CD. It sounds amazing."
    3. My Crystalline Necklace: "From the spring collection. Perfect for wearing out to meet friends later in Philly."
    4. Wallet: "My fourth version of this vintage gold mesh wallet that I have owned. I think it is time for a fifth."
    5. Keys: "I have so many keys for all of  my studios and practice spaces. Yes, I use them all. I also carry earplugs around in that tiny keychain case for playing shows or seeing live bands. The crystal keychain was a gift."
    6. Headphone Splitter: "Heart headphone splitter for sharing tunes on the go."
    7. Green Makeup Bag: "A friend brought me this in Vietnam. I’m obsessed with this M.A.C. Chili color lipstick, and the Blinc mascara. The Kiehl’s hand lotion is to nourish and keep my jewelry-making hands in top form."
    8. iPhone: "For maps and to find weird roadside attractions along our route.  This is coming in handy!"
    9. Fake Bubba Teeth: "I picked up at a rest stop along the way. These definitely make sitting in traffic way more fun.  People are so nice, they try not to stare -- most of the time!"