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Project Runway Episode 3: Highs and Lows of Fashion



    Guest judge Matthew Williamson seemed about as underwhelmed as we were by last night's Project Runway contestants final projects, which attempted to create signature iconic "master looks" and their "look for less" counterparts. 

    This week, the merry bunch was led to the Met to behold works by ten masters of the Costume Institute archives, like Balenciaga, Dior, YSL and the gang.  After sufficient gushing, the designers embarked on a two-day, $500 (highest amount in PR history!) challenge to create a signature look worthy of such company.  Oh, and one tiny detail not so amenable to the creative personality - they were to work in teams of two.  Additionally, the pairs would have to take one of their competitors' master look and create "the look for less" with $50.  

    And the games began.  Naturally, tempers clashed under the restriction of a shared vision - most notably, not shockingly, with team leader Ping and her partner, Jesse.  The pairs operated Apprentice-style with the team leaders holding the ultimate responsibility for the final product. 

    Mila, with Jonathan on her team wins the challenge and rightfully so.  Their luxe-mod suit consisted of an oversized, black-and-white satin pea pod of a jacket and a sleek and slightly shiny skintight pant and cami.  Second place went to Jay (whose win last week earned him automatic team leader and immunity for this challenge) and Amy, whose look-for-less dress outpaced its $500 counterpart with superior craftsmanship and silhouette. 

    A tough challenge with some dismal results, none of which were spared the bored disgust of Matthew Williamson and the regular guys.  Michael Kors described Anthony's gown as "southern cotillion ball from hell" while Nina Garcia simply declared both high- and low-end pieces ugly. Williamson didn't say much, save for a few pleas to spice things up in the spirit of, say, Matthew Williamson.

    And in the end, oddball Ping was booted - we had such hope for her after her first great look and subsequent charmingly wacky behavior, but alas, her final dress was as bizarre as the designer herself.