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Pre-Fashion Week Bombshell: Brandon Holley In at Lucky, Kim France Out



    In the grand tradition of expertly-timed press releases, Conde Nast today issued an announcement that Brandon Holley (recently of Yahoo! Shine) will be taking over command of Lucky, while Kim France will be leaving the company.

    Every season, it seems there's some spectacular bombshell that comes swinging through fashion week invites and wrangling backstage interviews. In this case, it was a simple press release issued by Conde Nast ushering in the end of an era for Lucky Magazine, which has been to date helmed by its founding editor-in-chief, Kim France. We hear from insiders that it's likely Andrea Linett, France's second-in-command, will leave the glossy as well.

    As Tom Wallace, editiorial director of Conde Nast, outlined in the release: “Brandon is an extraordinarily innovative editor whose extensive experience in both the print and digital realms will be key to developing the Lucky brand across multiple platforms." Given Holley's experience developing a web following around Shine, Yahoo's lifestyle-centered vertical, it's clear that Holley's entrance is part of a larger company effort to boost the digital profiles of the magazines in its arsenal with major web potential.

    In Lucky's case, Holley is an interesting fit: Her previous expertise spearheading Jane magazine gives her a lot of cred among indie designers (and indie readers), which is a demographic to whom Lucky has long catered. It will be seriously interesting to see what happens once Holley takes the helm on September 20 (and how things at Shine will also shift in her absence).