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Pierre Hardy for Gap's Wild Boot Chase



    The Pierre Hardy for Gap boot was set to drop in NYC stores October 19. Then October 28. Then today.

    Just when the drop-date hopscotching seemed to be winding down, we decided to hit the store's Fifth Avenue flagship to see them up close and personal. Still no shoes.

    Though Racked reported being told that shoes had arrived but "have not been processed yet", the salesperson we spoke to had absolutely no idea where they were, simply informing us that they were "supposed to come today but were not in the building."

    A post-visit call to 34th Street location found an associate that didn't know when they'd be arriving but advised that we should "check back Thursday or Friday or online because they always get updates first."

    Maybe the UPS truck is stuck in traffic. Maybe -- given recent logo shenanigans -- the Gap is just playing with our heads.

    Either way: We want those boots, and we want them now.