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Fjällräven x Opening Ceremony



    Back-to-school shopping has gotten much cooler since our student days. Case in point: Fjällräven x Opening Ceremony 50th anniversary commemorative backpacks.

    The classic Swedish brand has taken ahold of American—specifically, New York-based—trendsters for its quaint, cleanly-designed boxy look. To celebrate its big half-century milestone, Fjällräven is collaborating on an exclusive collection of its signature knapsacks for Opening Ceremony. Side note: This is the first time the backpack purveyors have done a collaboration of any sort, making the join-project that much more exclusive.

    The line retails between $45-$65, and the bags come in a bold color palette of red, purple, teal and navy, a perfect match for your old Trapper-Keeper and Lisa Frank folders.