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One to Watch: Zinke



    Sisters Arin Robinson and Jessie Zinke always had a hunch they'd wind up working together. "Arin had an event design firm that was also designing and producing accessories for brides," explains Jessie. "We joined forces in 2009 and launched a complete lingerie collectio -- we both felt that the time was right."

    Their label, Zinke -- the hip, indie answer to old-fashioned underpinning -- articulates the girls' mutual belief in "daily luxuries."


    "We wanted to create something beautiful you could wear everyday," says Arin. "We approach lingerie as an accessory, a means of sartorial expression rather than just a necessity, and believe in its fashion-forward styling, versatility, and simplicity.”  

    As such, the sisters dedicate the same kind of effort in coming up with imaginative design concepts and inspiration sources as a conventional ready-to-wear label does. The fall collection, for example, was a meditation on a girls-only road trip, executed in sun-soaked palette of rust, lilac, and blue.


    “We really get into the details of a piece -- hardware, front closures, lace trim. We designed our panties with a ruched back for a fun, flattering fit," says Jessie. 


    With all of their pieces, the sisters encourage customers to mix and match the same way they would with their wardrobe. "Women now mix-and-match color, style, inner and outerwear and different price points," says Arin. "We wanted to take that practice to lingerie and intimate apparel."